Fraud Alert 

We want to inform you of fraudulent activity that is being perpetrated using Bank Rhode Island’s 1-800 phone number.  The perpetrators are calling our customers for account, on-line banking and personal information.  We would like to remind and inform you that BankRI DOES NOT call customers asking for account information. 

How it Works:

Your phone will display the following name and number... BankRI or Bank Rhode Island  1-866-422-6574.  The fraud perpetrator will then tell you that there has either been fraud on your account or they are verifying information regarding your on-line banking.  They will then ask you to provide parts of your personal and bank account information.  If you provide this they will gain access to your online/mobile banking and proceed to perform (2) $1,000 transfers to another account. 

If you receive a call that resembles this or have any further questions, please call our Customer Support Center at 1-866-422-6574 and report the telephone call.  You may also call/visit any one of our 20 branch locations.