Online Year-End Tax Forms

Opt-In for Online Tax Forms

Opting-in to receive your BankRI year-end tax forms online is the fastest, most convenient and environmentally friendly way to view your tax forms. Your 2020 tax forms will be accessible at no charge through Online Banking.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must opt-in by December 27, 2020 to receive online versions of your 2020 year-end tax forms.

Once you opt-in to online forms, you will no longer receive paper year-end 1099 and 1098 tax forms. If you change your mind, and no longer wish to receive online tax forms, you can opt-out by following the same process and deselect the applicable forms check box(es).

Follow the steps below to opt-in to online year-end forms:

  • Within Online Banking, select the "eStatements" tab
  • Among the options that appear below the tabs, select “Sign up/Changes”
  • Once on the “Sign up/Changes” screen press the plus sign "(+)" button on account(s) of choice
  • An “Enroll Available Document Types” drop down menu will appear
  • Select 1099 and/or 1098 Forms and press the “Save Settings” button

If you have any questions about eStatements or online tax forms, please contact Customer Service at 866-422-6574.